Welcome to E&F Miler Industries

We are a family business with it's roots going back to the late 1940's when Carl Miler built his first roller coaster in his back yard. Many of his coasters are still in operation today. In 1992 Fred Miler (Carl's son) and Eric Miler (his grandson) began building coasters using an updated design. We build coasters for large and small amusement parks, FECs (family entertainment centers), zoos, etc.. Using structural channel for track and polyurethane wheels, our rollercoasters can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. We can design a coaster to fit just about any space and can work around other attractions, trees, uneven grades and other obstacles. Our product line includes kiddie, or children's coasters, family coasters and wild mouse coasters. There are several track layouts and car designs to choose from as well as custom designs and themes. From 8 feet high to 87 feet and beyond, we can build a coaster to suit your budget and/or space. Even adults can ride along in our children's coasters. Durable, dependable and easy to maintain, that's a Miler coaster!